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Welcome to the Center Health & Harmony Learning Center. We have a passion for learning about health and nutrition and want to share our information with you, because knowledge is the key to unlocking the power you have to live a more healthy lifestyle.

You'll find information from our many suppliers as well as product information about some of the great items we carry in the store. You'll also find links to other websites with valuable information and nutrition news that you can use to build your knowledge base.

Find other interesting resources that you want to share?? Please do! You can email us and include a link to what you have found and if we feel like it meets our overall goal of helping others and sharing viable information, we'll include it here in the learning center.

(Not all suggestions will be added, as they need to meet our criteria for inclusion, but we do appreciate your participation.)


Also, keep in mind that this section is a work in progress and new items will be continually added for our learning and yours!


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Beth's Favorites


Breakthrough; Suzanne Somers
Knockout; Suzanne Somers
Drug Muggers; Suzy Cohen
The Fungus Link; Doug Kaufmann
The Great Cholesterol Myth; Jonny Bowden, Stephen Sinatra
Cancer: Step Outside the Box; Ty M. Bollinger

Author, John R Lee, M.D.

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John R Lee, M.D.

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Russell Blaylock's "Blaylock Report"

Dr. David Brownstein's "Natural Way to Health"

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